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If some of you read the bible more carefully mystery babylon is not refering to ancient babylon in modern day iraq its refering to the. Harlot babylon: a coming one-world religion islam and judaism harlot babylon: a coming one-world religion (rev 17. Definition of muslim a muslim, sometimes spelled moslem, relates to a person who follows the religion of islam, a monotheistic and abrahamic religion based on the quran muslims consider the quran to be the verbatim word of god as revealed to the islamic prophet and messenger muhamm.

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In the muslim conquest of the land in 650 ce whatever remained of babylon was swept away and, in time, was buried beneath the sands in the 17th and 18th centuries ce european travelers began to explore the area and return home with various artifacts. Babylonia, and particularly its capital city babylon, has long held a place in the abrahamic religions as a symbol of excess and dissolute power many references are made to babylon in the bible, both literally (historical) and allegorically. Christians everywhere are living in a world that is steeped in the spirit of babylon from the earliest of post-flood times up to the present, the.

A story in the quran says allah sent two angels to babylon these angels, harut and marut taught people magic but warned them that. Muslim is an arabic word meaning one who submits (to god) a female muslim is sometimes called a muslimah there are customs holding that a man and woman or. Who is allah long before islam semiramis, the queen of babylon called herself a virgin even though she had a son named tammuz.

Muslims claim that their god allah is the same as the god of israel and the bible it is not so, islam, like the church of rome, originated from babylonhowever, although islam did not adopt the full array of the babylonish doctrines and abominations, many similarities are nevertheless, discernible. Babylon the great has fallen babylon the great/false religion exposed the original was posted by a christian angry at muslims the addition shows the.

Walid shoebat: warning to muslims: mystery babylon the great islam is walid shoebat exposes lies of islam allah is not god but satan the. Mystery babylon and the scarlet whore we should consider how mecca / the kingdom of saudi arabia fits the whore of babylon as the spiritual home of islam.

Posted by: comingworldwar3 | july 27, 2010 islam, the false pagan babylonian religion, exposed: “allah” (ba’al) is the pre arabic pagan moon god / muhammad false prophet. The early growth of babylon there is evidence that man has lived in this area of mesopotamia since the beginning of civilization the first records indicate that babylon was established as a city around the 23rd century bc.

Muslims rebuild the tower of babel instead of waiting to see how the biblical verses regarding “mystery babylon” is muslim scholar muhammad said. When it comes to mystery babylon, the common tendency amongst many protestant theologians is to liken it to rome according to them, rome is the city of seven hills others even equate it with iraq, since this was home to the original babylon. Islam and the people that history forgot the arabs believe that mecca was founded by adam, and that its temple, the kaaba, was built by abraham they ascribe the early prosperity of the city to ishmael, who established his residence there, because, as the arabian traditions assert, the brackish well of zemzem was the one to which the angel.

Babylon muslim
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